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XTD旗舰馆电子娱乐官方网: Captain Molly

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Sep 1, 2020



Captain Molly is a game about heroism, honor and sacrifice. You play as Molly, a fearless commando, ready to any sacrifice to save innocent kittens. Led by Erwin, you'll have to defeat all the enemies in the Fox Base to complete the mission you have been sent here for.

The game has been designed for Xbox 360 controllers and will prioritize them over keyboard/mouse if at least one is plugged. You can still play with keyboard/mouse but make sure to use a controller if possible !

Also, we are aware of some issues of the web version. We hope you will enjoy the game anyway ! It was a small project made by 2 people in 5 days, and there would be much more things to improve ! Thanks a lot for the feedbacks !

Made by élo?se Zirotti and Robin Six.


Explained in-game

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